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The Nikolajevs Family
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Pumpkin & Oliver

Oliver and Pumpkin - Thanksgiving 2004

They are big now - October 2005

Pumpkin and Oliver joined our household on Thanksgiving 2004.  They were two little orange kittens in need of a home.  They now take great pride in being the fuzziest members of the Nikolajevs brood!


A.K.A. The Motorboat Goat.  She's our little girl!  She enjoys purring, grooming, meowing like a goat, burrowing under blankets, and jumping in the bath tub after it has drained.  We call her "the jewelry cat" because she is also very fond of stealing her mom's necklaces, bracelet, and any other bauble she can get her furry paws on!

Pumpkin sticks her tongue out - April 2005


A.K.A Ollie, Ollie from the North, the Ollinator, and Big Guy.  He has more than doubled his size since coming to our home and continues to make eating his #1 hobby.  As Pumpkin's brother, he takes great pride in intermittently biting her head and engaging her in "kitty wrestle mania".  Oliver enjoys chasing laser pointer lights, jumping at his fishing pole toy, and making raptor noises like the dinosaurs from the movie Jurassic Park. 

Oliver loves Ford like his Dad - December 2004